Friday, February 1, 2013

DAY TWENTY-FIVE - The Beginning of the End (but really the beginning of the beginning)

Alternate Title: Thigh Master

Day 25. Day twenty-five. As in... three days left. What the WHAT?? How can this be?

As per usual. I am going to be totally honest with you guys. I mean, let’s face it. You’ve seen the last 24 days of my life. We have few secrets. I am really on no pedestal. I am just another flawed person doing 28 to Great.

I’m not exactly doing “everything” that Sadie might have hoped during these last days. BUT, I am also not treating this as the last few days of this challenge. I’m treating it as something that is becoming a part of the new me.  I am still eating grains. (quinoa, a little brown rice), I am still doing between 30-40 min of workout a day. AND... wait for it...

I do not feel like a failure. Because (and Christy and I both talked about this earlier today) that’s what is so freaking great about Sadie and the team at Barre3. They are encouraging- not judgemental. They want this to be possible for all of us, in all of our different lives and worlds.

Right now I am crazy stressed and holding on by a thread, but the program Sadie offers, doesn’t make me feel like I’m not good enough or committed enough. Instead, it makes me feel like whatever good I can do is worth a lot. It’s exactly why I’m I believe in this and it’s why I’ve decided I’m not going anywhere.

I have two pieces of news to share with you that are really exciting.

The first one involves my newly super powered inner thighs. Today I was driving and multitasking.  I keep my phone between my legs so I can grab it during extra long red lights (NEVER TEXT WHILST DRIVING!). Suddenly, a yellow light appears out of nowhere - and I’m forced to rely on my catlike instincts and hit the brakes.  My phone starts to shoot towards the floor, but my NEW super powered Barre3 inner thighs grab onto the wayward iphone and SAVE the day. I’m serious, this really happened! :) (it’s a pretty inspiring story is it not?)

Second. I finally found a decent barre3 friendly take out dinner and it’s at California Pizza Kitchen. If there is not one by you, then move here and let’s be friends!  The friendly dinner in question is the Quinoa Arugula Salad. I just asked them to omit the feta and the red onion. And then I added shrimp and bacon. And it was SOOOOOO good. Like, someone petting me on the head, telling me everything’s going to be okay, kinda good.  

For exercise today, I did Regan’s 10-minute Ski class, the NY workout and Viva la Viva’s Yoga stretch. Tomorrow if I have more energy I will do the same but add Candace’s ten min ballet sculpt.

One really encouraging thing. This morning my husband said. "Are you going to keep doing this after the 28th day, because you are looking gooooood." :)

How are you all feeling? Is the end a sprint for you?



  1. Oh Missy, tell me you'll keep blogging. I am going to... maybe not daily... but I'm going 90 days with this challenge... with the exception of Grammy weekend of course. xoxox

    PS: My husband is also a big fan of Barre3 results

  2. My new apartment has a CPK within walking distance and I've been trudging by it with a big ol' frowny face since I didn't think I could eat there...huzzah! You made my day, and probably my dinner.