Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day THREE - Candace is AMAZING

Alternate Title: Candace Hurt Me

Well, well, well, here we are at the end of Day Three.  I'm still here.  You're still here (we're in this together, remember?)

So far it's definitely working for me to have coffee at 6:30 with a little bite of my Barre3 barre, then Sadie's "brisk" walk, with breakfast immediately following at 9:30am. Today I made the avocado eggs. They were quite good, but were not deemed picture worthy - and besides, I was starving.

Around 11:00am, I put the smallest  (3-year old) prisoner down for a nap. This turned out to be a very good plan because it was a lot easier to focus without the peanut gallery (she and my husband) mocking and climbing all over me. Exercise for today was "Ballet Fit", with Candace. I really like Candace because she is extremely good at explaining everything, and like Sadie, she is sunny without being annoying in a poke-your-eyes out kinda way that can sometimes be found with other programs. Also, I have taken ballet (about 20 years ago), so I assumed the muscle memory would kick in and this would be a cake walk. Oh my muscles have memory all right.  This was how it went:

Candace: Find a lift through the crown of your head, as you caaaambre back.

My muscles: OW-HEY! What do you think you're doing? You're 43, REMEMBER??

Me: owie owie, owie, owie, pleeeeease, just make it stop...

All-the-while, Candace continues...

Candace: You are lunging back and forth in second position, now add your arms, take a fourth position. Lower! Lift! Lower! LIFT!

My muscles: Remember when we were just sitting on the couch during Christmas? Drinking wine and eating peanut butter cups like there was no tomorrow?

Me: Yes, I do remember (I know I'm not alone in talking to my muscles) now why don't you make a break for the kitchen and I'll meet you back at the couch!

After that super fun time. I reward myself (and my husband) with a leafy green smoothie for lunch. It looked something like this:
 He looked very scared when I handed it to him.

Husband: Is that thing going to give me the sh*ts???

Me: ...

Tonight's dinner was another easy one. I just grilled some small grassfed burgers put them on a plate of baby kale and put sauted bell peppers and avocado on the sides. I drank water, but my husband had a beer. I'm not the hugest beer fan, but it looked really good. In fact I have a picture that shows
a good example of how I probably looked watching him drink it.
Don't worry, these are my friends kids and they gave me permission to use the picture. How cute and squishy is the little one???

I was also thinking that this might give Sadie some inspiration to create Barre3 for babies. Because I don't want to say anything, but I have never seen this kid's neck!
Ok fellow challengees (is it a word?) I'm falling asleep and I fear what kind of memories my muscles are going to have when I wake up. Getting up off the couch earlier this evening was a major event. The prisoners found it HILARIOUS. My 8 year old said: "So Mom, how's that new exercise plan workin' out for ya?" Yeah.


  1. For the record, I have seen his neck a few times in the last month. It's like a treasure hunt every time. Last time I found an entire Slim Jim.

  2. This looks very, very interesting... I've never heard of Barre3 or this "get yourself on track" workout. I am deep, deep need of such a thing.

    Are you using the kit from the barre3 website?

    1. Yes! Well when I can find it. Once you sign up there is a ton of support on the website. And I promise I don't work for them in any way. I'm just a fan. Here is their facebook page if you want to check it out.

  3. Your blog has inspired me to jump in even though I missed a week. Nothing like hilarity to make a united front. I have yet to embrace those quivers, but after an entire month of perfecting my carmel recipe (nothing is better than licking the carmel bowl!) I need to start.

    1. Yay!! I'm so happy you're with us. My friend Christy and I are planning (at this point anyway) to do it past the 28 day mark, so you won't be alone. xxxxx

      PS- when its time for a cheat day, I want your perfect caramel recipe!

  4. can't stop laughing about the neck comment...