Friday, January 18, 2013

DAY ELEVEN - A Weighty Decision

Alternate Title- A Big Fat Tantrum

Well this was fun. We made it eleven days. Big Fat Deal. I don't really even care that my inner voices were right. I'm tired.  I'm grouchy, and I want a pepperoni pizza with EXTRA cheese and a Costco family-sized bottle of wine. Oh, and some peanut butter cups too. It's not like I look that bad, right?

Who cares? 

Life is too short to not eat what I want!!!!

Please tell me you've felt like this at least once since we started?  Yeah, today was my day and it was a butt-kicker. Honestly, if it wasn't for the accountability I feel to you guys I definitely would've fallen right off this crazy wagon we've hitched ourselves to.

Well, guess what voices?  I am not giving up. So there!

Okay, I feel a little better now.  But only a little.

I've had quite a few people ask me if I've lost weight and how much, which, first of all, I find pretty cheeky.  Secondly, I thought I made this clear in the My Favorite Jeans post. I'm not in this for the weight loss. I mean, who cares how much I weigh?  It' s not like anyone's going to carry me around and they certainly aren't going to weigh me at the airport and charge me excess muffin top fees.  Are they?? That would be awkward and more than a little embarrassing... I can picture myself wincing apologetically to the people I'm holding up in line, "I'm sorry. Yeah, I only made it eleven days before I caved in and now you're probably gonna miss your flights because of THIS!" As I menacingly grab the skin hanging over my jeans as a visual exclamation point.

Like I said before, what matters to me the most is how my jeans fit. And how I feel. So no, I will not be weighing myself and nor do I plan to.  Well, maybe when I'm done, but only if I'm feeling really brave.  I think sometimes the numbers on the scale can play head games and besides,  I've seen enough episodes of the biggest loser to know the scale is rarely on anyone's side.  If you're down a few pounds then you're all, "oooh, I think I'll have a bigger portion- I deserve it." And if you're up a few you're like: "Forget this stupid plan, its not working anyways, I'm going to McDonalds so I can super-size myself with purpose!" No. I am in this for 28 days, come hell or high water.

So yeah, for me, its all about the jeans... and getting through this day, which was pretty basic.  Had my cup of coffee, did my work out, had leftover Harvest Lentil Soup for lunch. Had a Sausage Spaghetti Squash bake (from one of my favorite bloggers Juli at and now I'm putting myself to bed. Thank goodness for tomorrows and fresh starts.


P.S. : Here's a link to my dinner:
Sausage Spaghetti Squash Bake

It was really good. And her blog is really funny.

P.P.S. Do you think Sadie EVER feels this way??


  1. I think everyone (including Sadie!) feels this way sometimes! I'm right there with you, girl. Thanks so much for keeping on the wagon, and keeping on THIS, it's actually really helpful when I'm feeling lazy to come read about your day and get motivated again. =)

    1. Thanks Ashley. Its so great to not feel alone in this.

  2. I have felt this way every day for the last 10 days!

  3. This entry is destined to go down as a classic! We need to get #muffintop to trend on Twitter.

    I'm amazed and proud (though not surprised) how you're plowing through these blogs!! I suppose people could think I'm being biased since we're siblings - but I also regularly see glimpses of how crazy busy your days are... with three girls, one of which is hormonal and has Type 1 diabetes.

    You're a ROCK STAR!!!!!

  4. My comment clogged up the rest of the comments. People feel too intimidated to follow up after that kind of post.

  5. You are a rockstar. 11 days is HUGE! I mean, if it was me I would have at least slipped in a few glasses of wine just to keep me sane. I am already dreading when this is over because I love reading your blog. (You may be feeling a little differently)! I think you should continue to write even when it's over. For me? Please?

  6. I love you Missy and I love this humble post. I know you'll keep going. I also must say that these favorite jeans of yours must be freaking tiny cause I've known you for a long time now and you have always looked great. I'm cheering you on cause slipping into them is going to feel so awesome but in my eyes you are and have always been amazing. Inside and out.

  7. Hey Missy!

    Your posts are awesome :). LOVE the pics! Your kiddos are a riot. Fun to see a whole new side of them!
    I'm having a tough time getting started. Don't have the kit yet, and off on my own here twiddling my thumbs (okay, doing dishes and laundry, etc. running around) wondering how to really get this started/nutrition plan going, the whole 9 yards. Catch you guys at school Tuesday, but will watch for your blogs over the weekend!