Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day SIX - My Favorite Jeans

Alternate Title: EEEEEEEEEEEK!

Wow.  I can't believe we've almost made it through a whole week! This morning I was thinking back to last Saturday morning. I'm a little worried this may lean towards oversharing but isn't that really what blogging is all about? For me this is all about being personal and forthcoming. Because truth be told, I am not the kind of person who goes around telling people what I'm about to tell you.

Last Saturday I nervously grabbed a pair of my favorite jeans, hoping somehow that all the fun I'd had over the holidays would somehow slip by my body unnoticed.  Immediately when I put my first leg in I knew something was wrong, so I quickly double-checked to make sure I wasn't trying on my 8-year old daughter's jeans.  I looked at the tag and saw that they were in fact mine. Did I leave them in the dryer too long? Did my skinny BFF Chrissy switch them out as a cruel prank?

But then I made the fateful mistake of checking the pockets, which was right about the time I found the evidence I knew to be true all along: a receipt from a Carl's Jr. trip I'd made with the girls a few months prior. Yep, they were definitely mine!  EEEEEEEEEEK!

By force of sheer will, I miraculously managed to get the second leg in. I wriggled and wriggled and yanked and pulled. There may have even been little beads of sweat forming/dripping/pouring down my forehead. Naturally, right around that point, I heard my husband coming up the stairs, and that my friends, is when my heart officially started to officially race.

OH NO!!!!! I can't let him see me like this!!!  And no, I wasn't only thinking this because of the "keeping a little mystery" talk my mother had with me on the morning of my wedding day.

Brilliantly, or so I thought in that moment, I hoisted myself up onto our bed and rolled over and over until I fell onto the other side and landed with a resounding THUMP.

Husband: Baby, are you there?

I tried to quiet my breathing, even though I was sure he could hear my heart pounding from the other side of the room. EEEEEEK, what was I going to do?

Me: Oh hi, baby... uh, no... no I'm not...

Fortunately, just then my daughter saved the day when she hollered from downstairs, "Dada!! I need someone to wipe my bootie!  Hurrrrrry!"

He left the room and I let out my breath in a loud, whoooosh. 

As I lay there on the floor with my jeans halfway up, I came to the decision that it was time for a change. A drastic change. And that's when the conversation I'd had with Christy a few days earlier came back to me.  She'd told me she was doing 28 to Great, and now suddenly, there on the floor, jumping on the bandwagon seemed like a good idea.

But then my inner-voices started in (please tell me you have those voices too??!!)...

Yeah right, you'll start it, just like you always do, but then you won't finish it. Heyyyy, it's okay, it's your THING. And let's face it, the first really hard day you'll order a pizza with extra cheese and pour yourself a glass of wine, so what's the point? Just embrace it, Missy!" (Btw, my inner-voice sounds like Cinderella's wicked step-mother.  I know. Sooo annoying.)

Annesedgwick knows what I'm talking about here. Don't you Anne?

So that's why I decided to do 28 to Great and this blog.  Yep, my inner-voice had inadvertently talked me into this unwittingly with its reverse psychology.

And I'd also like to add that everyone out there has been awesome with your comments and support so far.  Here and on Facebook and Twitter.  Your unwavering display of encouragement and camaraderie inspires me. We are SO going to see this through! So big love to all of you for sticking with me through this first week.

Sunday is a day of rest on the program so I'm giving myself a day off.  Not from 28 to Great!  Just from blogging about it. :)I promise to be back on Monday. And you know what? I'm actually really excited about it.

Oh, and this morning I got my jeans all the way up! I still can't button them. But they are UP!!


P.S. - who does your inner voice sound like? :)

P.P.S - In case any of you were thinking about falling off the wagon tomorrow on our day off, here's a little picture of what too much sugar can do to a person. Its from our Halloween party this past year.


  1. I am starting a 7 day liquid fast on Monday. I am dragging my feet and having to kick my own butt to do it because I now what it's like. REading your blog will enourage me. It won't make me all the sudden want to do it, lol, but it will inspire me. THank you!

  2. For some reason my inner voice has an aggressive british accent. I'm an Oregonian, don't ask.
    I have a feeling in the next couple of blogs posts you are going to reveal that those damn jeans can button. I can't wait! You are a rockstar and a breath of fresh air! I am so happy to be reading along.

  3. My conscience voice is Darth Vadar. Not really, but could you imagine?

    1. Regrettably, my inner voice is just as AD/HD as I am, so I end up following its advice quite regularly. It does have a higher pitch than the voice I have now, thanks to those 15 cigars I've smoked over the past 20 years! Shesh, I've got to cut back before I sound like James Earl Jones (oh but then I could be Patrick Carson's conscience and we could have soooo much fun/trouble). -Cheryl Jones Brooks

  4. Love this blog, keep up the good work Missy!

  5. TOTALLY had that exact conversation with myself before starting...I love to plan out a new diet or exercise program - get my little excel spreadsheet and colorcode my M-Su routine and then get 1 (maybe 2) weeks in and wine, pizza, bread, etc. take over and I quit.

    But I'm resolved - and not just to lose weight (though I admit, that's the primary goal) - to feel more in control of what I eat, look forward to exercising, and get back some youth and lightness that I feel I lost over the past couple of years after graduating.

    Not quite there yet, but I haven't given up - thank you for the accountability and motivation here - love your stories :) We can do it!!!!!

  6. Funniest blog yet! Keep on writing...